Monday, September 27, 2010

Vetting, making a start

The vetting process starts at the interview:

When you have your applicant sitting across the desk from you at the interview is the best time to make sure the preparation for the vetting process is done correctly.

Simple things make a huge difference:

Make sure the form is legible, if you can’t read the handwriting on the form imagine what it will be like on an incident report,YOU might have to present to a client following a burglary.

If there are gaps in the employment history, QUESTION THEM, The employment history should cover a period of five years or since leaving full time education, make sure that the full postal address for each past employer is listed,the applicant might forget their old employer’s phone number but they do not generally forget where they worked,unless of course they need to…….

If your applicant has been unemployed, check which office they signed on at,if they have served in the armed forces ask to see their discharge certificate or book.

Successful security vetting is about taking and verifying the information supplied by the applicant to create an accurate picture of their past history, if the information is not clear, or complete it is like doing a jigsaw that has no corners, how will you ever get the true picture?

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